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  • SMS Sender

SMS Sender

  • 120.00USD

  • Brand: BUO Technology
  • Product Code: MASAUSTU0001
  • Availability: In Stock


- Mobile phone with Android operating system

- Computer with Windows operating system

Features ;

- Multiple mobile phone connections,

- The upper limit setting to be sent from each phone,

- Message sending frequency (sms / sec) setting,


- Communication is provided via WI-FI, you do not need to use cables,

- The devices must all be on the same network,

- SMS numbers to be sent are taken from the text file,

- Number list is backed up with the rest after each shipment,

- Thus, numbers that are not sent in any case can be selected,

    Updated: v 15

    - Visual arrangements have been made.

    - Automatically added (search / find / add / add all) devices on the network.

    - Minimize option and notifications added.

    - Version control was added at boot.

    Updated: v 1.4

    - Added ability to import numbers from multiple files.

    - Number (format) editor added. (Brings all numbers to a specific format. Example: + 905xxxxxxxxx)

    Updated: v 1.3

    - Fixed the problem of freezing with MultiThreading.

    - Language option added. : English Turkish

    Updated: v 1.2

    - Added random / sequential shipping option from the list.

    - Number check (valid / invalid) added.

    Updated: v 1.1

    - Added message sending feature with personal information. (Example: + 90xx | ali | - Hello {1}, Our website: {2})

    - Visual arrangements have been made.

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